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Welcome to the CrazyChoir Page!

What is CrazyChoir?

CrazyChoir is a ROS 2 package developed by Lorenzo Pichierri, Andrea Testa and Giuseppe Notarsefano. CrazyChoir is a ROS 2 toolbox allowing users to run simulations and experiments on swarms of Crazyflie nano-quadrotors. CrazyChoiR implements several tools to model swarms of Crazyflie nano-quadrotors and to run distributed, complex tasks both in simulation and experiments. Examples include task assignment, formation control and trajectory tracking settings.

If you are you using CrazyChoir in research work to be published, please cite the accompanying paper “L.Pichierri, A. Testa, G. Notarstefano, CrazyChoir: Flying Swarms of Crazyflie Quadrotors in ROS 2”. Find more here.

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This work was supported in part by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, grant number BR22GR01.